Training of memory

Memory plays an important role in learning. Children with memory weaknesses, whether short-term or long-term memory, often struggle in school. This can result in difficultires in integrating new knowledge (the child needs more repetitions than other children, keeps information in memory with more difficulty), but often also difficulties in various tasks such as problem solving, mental calculation, spelling and text comprehension. These children then are in difficulty in various schools subjects.

In this memory training, children learn memory strategies to compensate for their memory weaknesses. They follow the story of an animal who, like them, has difficulties remembering things easily. He will be supported by his friends, who pass on to him various very useful strategies. The sessions follow the rhythm of the adventures of this animal, gone on a trip to the other side of the world and which he wishes to achieve despite his memory difficulties.

This memory training is for children aged 7 to 12, during individual sessions. The basic program consists of a dozen sessions, according to the rhythm of the child (module 1). Children who wish can also repeat memory training afterwards (module 2), where the strategies learned in module 1 are reviewed and trained again, in order to refresh their knowledge of these strategies and reinforce their use in everyday life, especially at school.

Unit 1

Basic program, about 12 individual sessions of 50-60 min.

Unit 2

Reinforcement, individual sessions, after having already done module 1.