Psychological support

In a difficult life situation, I give the child the space to express himself or herself and develop resources to tackle and overcome the challenges. Children express difficulties differently, and it is important for me to approach the child's personality and temperament.

During the sessions I use conversations, but also less direct methods like play, drawings and other activities depending on the personality and preferences of the child. This enables the child to create trust, to strengthen self-awareness, respect and security, as well as to develop sustained openness, spontaneity and creativity, which allows an inner change. Thus, he or she can freely express fears and conflicts in order to overcome them. This approach strengthens his or her personality, the feeling of one's own identity and self-confidence.

My work in a psychological support is inspired, among others, by children's therapists such as Virginia Axline and Donald Winnicott. In my doctoral thesis, I also dealt with the subject of creativity in the play of children.