Difficulties in mathematics

Understanding the difficulties

The reasons for difficulties in mathematics can be cognitive, i. e. they are connected with the way of thinking and understanding of the brain: for example, the child has difficulties in understanding and developing the concepts for numbers and quantities, he or she has memory problems, difficulties in concentrating, etc. However, there may also be emotional causes, such as blockages or anxieties, for example as a result of bad experiences in connection with mathematics. These causes are often differently pronounced and occur individually or combined.

I help the parents to gain an overview about the situation in order to understand where the difficulties are coming from and how the child can best be supported.

Support courses in mathematics

My activities also include support courses for children in mathematics, where I can help the child with his or her learning activities and training with exercices, using additional knowledge and techniques from psychology. I completed my university studies both in psychology and in mathematics, therefore my particular interest in combining these two areas.