Giftedness (high intellectual potential)

Children with high intellectual potential think and learn differently, usually also faster than other children. Often they are much more sensitive and tend to feel different from other children of their age, do not meet the school expectations and suffer from it. The gifted child can unfold his or her potential and integrate well into the environment if his or her situation is recognized, sustained and encouraged – also by encouraging talents to flourish early. On the other hand, a lack of support, especially if the situation is not recognized or misinterpreted, can lead to significant behavioral problems, performance slumps and psychological problems.

I can carry out an assessment focusing on the identification of giftedness and its manifestation in the different dimensions, and I support families with concrete advice and recommendations for further action. It is ideal when, together with the intellectual capacity, a psycho-affective assessment can be carried out in order that the child's personality is captured in its entirety. Emotional strength, self-confidence and social competency are important prerequisites for developing intellectual potential, using abilities, and preventing frustration or disappointment. I can support your child in order to help him or her with difficulties, e. g. at school, at home or with comrades, and to develop self-competency as well as emotional strength.

My interest in gifted children is based on my experience and training in this field, as a moderator of the ANPEIP forum (association for gifted children in France), as well as my own experience (with positive aspects, but also difficulties) as a gifted child. Furthermore, I am a member of Mensa Switzerland and ISPE. Because children are still in their development, they are particularly sensitive to difficulties, both children with low skills in some areas as well as those with high abilities. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses to varying degrees, and it is important for me to recognize them and to promote talents in a balanced way, which creates an essential basis for the emotional balance.

I perform as well assessments for the detection of giftedness with teenagers and adults. For gifted adults, I offer assessments, consulting and coaching at the Coaching and Psychology Practice proTalent, as I offer these services for children and teenagers at the Psychology Practice PsYkids.