A meeting usually lasts 50 to 60 minutes and is charged at 160 CHF for all services. If a meeting is longer thant 60 minutes (e.g. first meeting, meetings with parents), the time after 60 minutes is charged in proportion, on the basis of 160 CHF for 50 minutes.

The rate includes usual preparation of the meetings, study of dossiers, evaluation and analysis of tests or questionnaires, short phone calls or emails concerning organizational and administrative aspects. Written reports and other written documents, as well as telephone exchanges with other specialists, when requested by the client, are charged, as well as reading emails, documents and further information sent by the client, email exchanges or phone calls concerning non-organizational aspects.

Meetings canceled less than 24 hours before the start (Fribourg) or respectively less than 3 days before the start (Berne, Zurich and Lausanne), or in case of nonappearance / absence, will be charged.

The fees are payable:
- at the psychology practice with Twint twint or cash
- or in advance by bank transfer.

Some complementary insurances take over a part of the costs. The contact with the insurance is made by the client: you can inform yourself directly with the insurance of your child by specifying Psychologist FSP.