Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Are the costs of the consultations taken over by the health insurance company?

Some, but not all, supplementary insurance cover the psychological services. Sometimes all psychological services are covered, sometimes only psychotherapy. Since this is handled differently by the health insurance funds, it is recommended that you address these questions directly to your insurance company.

Is psychotherapy performed with my child?

I work in the field of assessment, counceling as well as coaching. There are some common techniques with psychotherapy, but I do not undertake psychotherapeutic treatments for mental disorders or illnesses. If necessary, these points are discussed openly and I can recommend a psychotherapist or psychiatrist according the situation and needs of your child. Here (de, fr) is an explanation from the FSP (Swiss Psychologists Federation) about the difference between psychology and psychotherapy.

Will my child receive medication?

I do not prescribe medication; this is done exclusively by psychiatrists and other physicians.

What happens to the file / dossier about my child?

The documents are kept in my practice for at least 10 years (according to legal requirements) and are subject to full confidentiality with regard to data protection. Thus, if necessary, you may contact me even several years after an assessment or attendance for more information and further options.

In case of dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia – whom can I contact for a diagnosis?

If you have specific problems with the language, such as dyslexia, you can contact a speech therapist. Psychomotorists are responsible for movement disorders. Of course, you can also consult me if you need an advice, help or guidance, e. g. an assessment about the current situation with analysis of potentials and outlook for development within the specific needs of your child, and I can advise you about the next steps.