Current situation: Coronavirus information (COVID-19)
The psychology pratice is open. To prevent coronavirus, various measures have been put in place:
- In the discussion area, the seat distance between the psychologist and the clients is approximately 2.5 m. For certain activities carried out at the table with children and adolescents (e.g. when carrying out assessments), this distance is 1.5 m.
- A disinfectant hand spray is available to clients. They disinfect their hands before entering the consultation room.
- The objects and materials used when working with children/adolescents are disinfected after each use.
- The "free play" corner has been removed, to avoid the presence of toys used by many children.
- A disinfectant spray for surfaces is regularly applied in sensitive areas (WC, washbasin, door handles, chairs).
- We ask clients to come at the scheduled time, in order to prevent previous and next clients from crossing paths, or more than one family in the waiting area at the same time.

Guidance and professional orientation

In order to assist the young people in their choice of career or study, I work with them to develop an individual and detailed assessment, focusing on professional orientation. This allows a broad and in-depth analysis of the abilities and potentials in the different areas as well as the interests and predispositions as well as strengths and weaknesses. This allows concrete recommendations with regard to the appropriate vocational, school or university education or training. If the young person already has certain ideas concerning professions or studies, we can compare them with the results of the assessment and connect them. Orientation counseling helps with both short-term decisions and a medium- and longer-term planning, as concrete statements on personal development as well as the relevant framework conditions can be made.

Depending on the situation, support for this orientation can lead to a coaching, for example with the aim to help the young people to free up their potential and to use and develop their talents as well as skills in the concrete everyday life. A particular attention may be drawn to reactions or behavior that have a negative impact on personal development.

I offer this service in partnership with the CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching. My experience in guidance is based, among other things, on my work in this company as well as in the field of work and youth psychology.