Current situation: Coronavirus information (COVID-19)
The psychology pratice is open. To prevent coronavirus, various measures have been put in place:
- In the discussion area, the seat distance between the psychologist and the clients is approximately 2.5 m. For certain activities carried out at the table with children and adolescents (e.g. when carrying out assessments), this distance is 1.5 m.
- A disinfectant hand spray is available to clients. They disinfect their hands before entering the consultation room.
- The objects and materials used when working with children/adolescents are disinfected after each use.
- The "free play" corner has been removed, to avoid the presence of toys used by many children.
- A disinfectant spray for surfaces is regularly applied in sensitive areas (WC, washbasin, door handles, chairs).
- We ask clients to come at the scheduled time, in order to prevent previous and next clients from crossing paths, or more than one family in the waiting area at the same time.

School psychology

Based on my experience with various cantonal school psychology services, I'm happy to help you on this topic.

The direct contacts between school and psychology are the cantonal school psychology services, which are supported by the cantons. Sometimes families want a school psychologist on a private basis, but with a school psychological background and experience, for example in order to assess the child and his / her situation more independently from the school with the aim to obtain a second opinion, or to avoid the often longer waiting period at the government institutions, or for other reasons.