We perform tests, questionnaires and other tools that allow the child to be assessed and observed in different situations in order to recognize strengths and weaknesses, as well in comparison to other children of the same age. Sometimes the parents come with the desire for an emotional or intellectual assessment, in other cases individual or several elements can be proposed in the course of the cooperation. Below you can see the different possibilities for an assessment.

Intellectual or cognitive assessment

The tests for detection and determination of intellectual abilities allow analysis and assessment in different areas, such as language, logic, memory, attention, visual and spatial orientation, working speed and other dimensions. Some of these tests - but not all - allow you to calculate the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). However, this must always be analyzed and interpreted in the context of the child's overall situation, the performed tests and the personality profile, for example in the case of an impulsive child, in the case of blockages or when the results are not homogeneous in different areas. Further tests are neuropsychologically oriented and help to understand difficulties in learning or neurological specificities more precisely.

Personality or psycho-affective assessment

This information is often collected by means of questionnaires and allow the various areas of personality, interests and attitudes, reaction, etc. to be determined and assessed. However, there are also less structured and more creative tools in which the child can freely express and behave; these allow as well, in different angles, to access the personality and affective (emotional) development.

Diagnostic Assessments

I also offer diagnostic procedures that can be used to identify the most diagnosable disorders of child development. Similarly, I can give you guidance and advice regarding a diagnosis that your child has been or could be given.